Feb 10 2012

Top 10 Things Medical Students Should Have in Their White Coats

Medical students’ white coats are short, but still have a lot of pockets to carry necessary supplies. These white coats are notorious for becoming heavy, so I have come up with the “Top 10 Things Medical Students Should Have in Their White Coats,” to help lighten the load.

1. Pens. Write notes, take notes, and keep extras.

2. Smart Phone. For apps like Epocrates and Lexicomp, internet access and keeping in contact with your team.

3. Stethoscope. Listen to the heart, lungs and abdomen. I use the Littmann Cardiology III. The Littmann Master Cardiology is great as well.

4. Notepad. Remember what you have learned and write things to look up later.

5. Penlight. Check pupils, mouth and light up dark spaces. Streamlight makes a great one.

6. Pocket Medical Book. Washington Manual, Pocket Medicine, Boards and Wards or Medicine Recall. The main thing weighing your coat down, but the one you will be using the most. Pick your favorite one and keep it close by.

7. Pocket Pharmacopeia. Tarascon Pocket Pharmacopoeia, I prefer the bigger Lab Coat Edition.

8. Reflex Hammer. Examine that Peripheral Nervous System.

9. Maxwell. Inexpensive quick medical reference for ACLS, note formats, lab values and formulas.

10. Snack. Only you can prevent hypoglycemia.

Many other things may end up in your white coat pockets, but these top 10 things will keep you on the road to success.

Comment below and share what necessities you keep in your white coat and what your favorite pocket guides are!

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