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Internalize Medicine LogoThe idea for this blog came about through my studies in medical school. I realized that when I was studying material, I often came up with mnemonics and memory tricks to help me remember that information. I decided to create this blog to share these mnemonics, memory aids, and memory tips that have helped me. I also wanted to focus on medical buzzwords, as it is very important to understand the underlying meaning behind each buzzword instead of just memorizing which word goes with which disease.

Since my area of interest is internal medicine, I came up with the name “Internalize Medicine,” because I wanted the posts and topics to be easily digestible and become a permanent part of the reader’s memory. The information contained in the posts does have somewhat of an internal medicine slant, but I do want them to be pertinent to all areas of medicine. As I am in training to be an Internal Medicine physician, I have also shared some insights of my own personal experience for medical students who want to become one as well.

Additionally, I have thrown in some subjects of general medical interest, intriguing topics, and opinion pieces from my own medical experience. The posts are geared primarily towards medical professionals including medical students, residents and physicians, but many are interesting for the general public as well.

I welcome any feedback, comments, or questions. You may write on any posts contained within the pages or email me at admin [at] internalizemedicine.com.

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