Category: Endocrine

Feb 14 2014

Can Okra Cure Diabetes?

Okra has recently been gaining popularity as a possible cure for diabetes. A quick web search will show that many sources believe this to be true, and tout the positive health effects of okra. This appealed to me as okra is one of my favorite vegetables. I decided to perform a literature search to see …

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Dec 21 2011

Causes of Hyperglycemia Mnemonic: The “Eight I’s”

Hyperglycemia is a common finding encountered in the emergency department and on the hospital floor. The two main conditions associated with hyperglycemia are diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) and hyperosmolar hyperglycemic state (HHS). Aside from treating the symptoms of these conditions and lowering the glucose, it is important to determine the etiology so that the underlying problem …

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Nov 21 2011

Overview of Thyroid Cancer

Cancer is something that all doctors keep in the back of their minds as a worst case scenario. Therefore, it should always be in the differential so it can be ruled out. In any patient that presents with a neck mass, swollen lymph nodes, enlarged thyroid gland, or thyroid nodule, thyroid cancer must be ruled …

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Nov 06 2011

Internalize Info of the Week: The Antithyroid Drugs PTU and Methimazole

The first entry in a series of selected topics taken from my personal experience of questions I was asked during the week. The first topic is about two antithyroid drugs, propylthiouracil (PTU) and methimazole. I was asked about the mechanism of action of these drugs and their use in pregnancy. These drugs are used to …

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