Category: Heme/Onc

Dec 14 2011

Bury the Buzzword: B Symptoms

“B symptoms” is a buzzword used to describe the systemic (constitutional) symptoms of: – Fever (unexplained, > 38⁰C or > 100.4⁰F) – Night sweats (soaking) – Weight loss (> 10% over past 6 months) These symptoms are used in the Ann Arbor Staging Classification for Hodgkin’s disease and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, published in Cancer Research in …

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Nov 21 2011

Overview of Thyroid Cancer

Cancer is something that all doctors keep in the back of their minds as a worst case scenario. Therefore, it should always be in the differential so it can be ruled out. In any patient that presents with a neck mass, swollen lymph nodes, enlarged thyroid gland, or thyroid nodule, thyroid cancer must be ruled …

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Nov 15 2011

Internalize Info of the Week: Hemolytic Anemia Laboratory Evaluation

A couple of days late for the info of the week, but I still think this is worth posting. I have been moving around and haven’t had access to a computer for a few days. This week I was pimped on the laboratory findings that you see in anemia, specifically hemolytic anemia. All anemias are …

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