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Nov 25 2011

Cotton Swabs Should Not Be Put Into Your Ears

I have looked into at least several hundred pairs of ears by now in my medical education, and I have seen the effects of cotton swab usage. It is pretty easy to tell by looking into someone’s ear if they are using them, because there is usually a big glob of wax packed far into …

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Nov 15 2011

The Short White Coat Syndrome

I recently had an article published on on the topic of the Short White Coat Syndrome, spelling out how the attire of the medical student can sometimes single us out and make us feel self-conscious, but ultimately contributes to our success at becoming a doctor. To read the full article, check it out here. …

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Nov 05 2011

Medical Pimping… Is it Necessary?

The word “pimping” has a very different meaning in the medical profession. It refers to the situation where a senior member of the medical team asks a question (or questions) to a junior member. For example, an attending physician asks questions to a resident or medical student and is therefore “pimping” him/her. As a medical …

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