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Feb 16 2014

Top 10 Books for Internal Medicine Residency

Online medical resources such as UpToDate and Medscape are being used more and more by physicians, residents, and med students. These databases allow clinical information to be looked up at a glance and are very convenient to use. However, in-print resources are still a very important part of medical training and will never be obsolete. …

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Feb 17 2012

Top 10 Clinical Criteria/Scoring Systems for Internists and Medical Students

Clinical scoring systems, clinical criteria, and clinical prediction rules are used widely in medicine and academics. They are used to aid physicians in their clinical decision making and finalizing a diagnosis. Although they should never be used in place of a physician’s sound clinical judgment, they are great clinical tools and methodologies used to organize …

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Feb 10 2012

Top 10 Things Medical Students Should Have in Their White Coats

Medical students’ white coats are short, but still have a lot of pockets to carry necessary supplies. These white coats are notorious for becoming heavy, so I have come up with the “Top 10 Things Medical Students Should Have in Their White Coats,” to help lighten the load. 1. Pens. Write notes, take notes, and …

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