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Feb 18 2014

Top 5 Best Free Weight Loss Apps

With the New Year already in full swing, you may be finding it hard to keep those resolutions. The great thing is, if you have a smart phone, you are carrying a mobile weight loss coach with you all day. Below are our “Top 5 Best Free Weight Loss Apps” to help you stay on …

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Feb 12 2014

Top 5 Personal Finance Resources for Medical Students and Residents

I have written before on the topic of Personal Finance for Medical Students and Residents. This topic can be very overwhelming as there are lots of resources out there, but very few are directed towards physicians. Below are the “Top 5 Personal Finance Resources for Medical Students and Residents” I have compiled that have been …

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Nov 09 2011

Top 5 Indications for a CT Scan of the Head Without Contrast

There are five main categories that a CT (CAT) scan of the head without contrast can view well. They are listed below: – Hemorrhage – Sinuses – Midline shift – Bones – Ventricles/Empty space Of course these structures are visualized on other imaging modalities, but a CT without contrast is able to see them particularly …

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